After a delay in the season two premiere review, I’m back on track with the second episode of MTV’s Scream, having actually watched it at its airtime.

As predicted last week, Emma finding pictures of her and newspaper clippings about the Lakewood murders, as well as a shadowy figure at the end of last week’s episode, are being chalked up to hallucinations.

This week’s episode picked up in the old farmhouse, with the mystery squatter bolting and Emma screaming and running outside to Brooke, who, of course, saw nothing. Upon returning home Emma tells her mother about the James’ old farmhouse and they go back to investigate because they don’t hide anymore, they face their problems head on.

When Emma and her mother arrive at the house where there’d been pictures and a creepy hooded character, there is, of course, no evidence supporting what Emma claimed to have seen.

My problem with all of this is that it’s so predictable. I’m not saying it’s bad just yet, but Emma suffering from PTSD and either hallucinating or everyone around her thinking she’s hallucinating just seems too easy. Last week I wrote that the show wasn’t yet too formulaic despite its genre, but this particular angle is something everyone could see coming from a mile away.


Audrey continues to be the most intriguing character. We finally got to see her do something actually nefarious. First, she sabotaged Noah’s interview with a hotel manager who claimed to have seen Piper’s accomplice while she was staying at the hotel during her “coverage” of the murders.

Audrey called the hotel’s desk during the interview and threatened to strangle the manager with his own intestines if he went any further with the interview, using the classic Scream voice-changer.

Next, after learning Noah planned to visit a storage locker the hotel kept the leftover belongings of former guests in, Audrey broke in to find what evidence might be stored there, only to stumble upon Jake’s dead body with a note about “finishing the job” for Audrey pinned to his torso.

The new killer is toying with Audrey, and she’s both dealing with him as well as Noah’s persistent investigation of his accomplice theory, and it’s creating some gripping drama. I’m looking forward to seeing Audrey’s next move and for how long the new killer can stay a step ahead.

The big reveal of the episode was Emma’s dad returning to Lakewood. He has moved to the top of my suspect list. He decided the best way to present himself to Emma after abandoning her and her mother years ago was to slowly follow her in his car for a day or two and then chase her for a few blocks before getting out of the car and saying “hey daughter, I’m back!”

Kieran’s living situation since the death of his father got cleared up, with his legal guardian, his aunt, showing up when Sheriff Acosta questions the party atmosphere of a minor living alone in his dead dad’s house. The aunt and Kieran’s creepy cousin, Eli, first tell Kieran he’s moving to Atlanta with them, but then Eli convinces his mother to stay at the Lakewood house. Eli is without a doubt a little sinister and weird, but adding him to the suspect list just doesn’t add up yet. There’ve been unrelated side stories throughout the series, and Kieran’s family dynamic looks to be heading in that direction.


Overall, an entertaining setup episode without any new bloodshed, but a new batch of questions adding even more layers to one of the coolest shows on television right now.

There wasn’t much that caught my eye in terms of clues this week, but there were some interesting occurrences that bulked up the suspect list.


• Blue Buick following Emma around (turns out to be Emma’s dad).

• Killer knows about the hotel storage locker; more evidence he’s bugged the “Lakewood Six.”


• No new deaths this week, as Jake remains the only known casualty through two episodes.


• Emma’s dad – I swear I thought this before the car following Emma turned out to be her father. The pictures of Emma in the farmhouse suggested a level of intimacy, and a desire to stay connected from afar. He very well could be stalking the family he abandoned and with everything that has happened, he could have any number of motives. Staying at the James family’s farmhouse where his ex-wife used to take his daughter to visit Brandon James’ family, if it was him in the house, is definitely the move of a sequel killer.

• Mayor Quinn Maddox – Brooke’s dad shows up on the suspect list two weeks in a row. He appears to have been texting Jake, and directed him to the site of his death. However, he seemed surprised when Jake wasn’t answering his messages after he was killed.


• Gustavo Acosta – Sheriff Acosta’s son. He appears to have Jake’s cell phone, or at least a hack that allows him to text from his number, as right before Brooke was about to file a missing persons report for Jake, Acosta pulled out his phone and sent a text, and then Brooke got a text from Jake, who was already dead. When Brooke showed up to Jake’s empty house later in the episode, Gustavo was watching from the distance. Following the pattern of the films, Piper fits as the killer whose motive is derived from the mother’s affair, and Gustavo is the “new guy” who knows as much about horror as the nerd (Noah on the show, Randy in the movies). Having the capability to slave, clone and/or bug cell phones plays into the theory that the killer is monitoring the six survivors (now down to five) via their devices.