As the man that I am, I can only reflect on what I witnessed last night on WWE RAW with positive vibrations, and as something that I can finally reach out and grab on to with a death grip! I’ll admit it, I was fooled during the main event and not because Triple H destroyed Seth Rollins with his signature Pedigree finisher helping Kevin Owens win the strap (because I saw that coming as soon as Triple H got into the ring to seemingly help Rollins), but because I just didn’t see his return coming at all. As soon as he came out of nowhere and laid waste to one Roman Reigns, I popped like a motherf***er! Don’t get me wrong, I love Roman—but I love good, quality storytelling even more. If they can fool me and boat loads of other people than something is being done right and, at least for me, they now have my attention. But, can they hold it? Who the f*** knows!

This was legitimately the first REAL swerve that I’ve seen on WWE programming since June 2, 2014 when Rollins aligned with The Authority. In case your math totally sucks: that means we were going on twenty-seven months without a real swerve. I wish I was wrong but I really don’t think so on this one. Granted, this is all subjective but I wish someone could prove me wrong on it. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong…please.

Do I agree with the belt being put on Kevin Owens? Yes, I do, but not because Owens is the best or the most talented or any of that cliche bulls***, but because the potential for a totally and utterly interesting story is on the horizon with all of these elements in play. If the WWE really wants to gain viewership, then they just laid the groundwork for it last night, but it’s all about the follow up for me. If the same lazy, lackadaisical creative approach is taken with this program then what really was the point of ever doing this swerve last night? Was it for a cheap pop and maybe a slight blip of an increase in ratings for like the last three minutes or RAW? Good God! I hope not but what else are we supposed to assume if we see no real follow up? I mean, let’s just look at the mutant right in his snarling, egotistical face—WWE is completely struggling to follow up the whole Brock Lesnar/Randy Orton ordeal from SummerSlam and it’s beyond pathetic! If this empire can’t even follow through constructively after something as shocking and barbaric as what Lesnar did to Orton at SummerSlam, then there are clearly some very real and most dire issues. If you don’t understand or can’t see that, go have your eyeballs and your head checked because it’s blatantly obvious.


Let’s forget about SummerSlam and get to the breakdown of what happened last night in layman’s terms. I think it’s safe to say that Rollins has clearly been “the chosen one” since he aligned himself with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. I would also say it’s safe to conclude that Triple H had unfinished business with Reigns after he dropped the belt to him at WrestleMania 32 and watched as Roman nearly sliced his wife in half with a torpedo-like spear. Also, let’s not forget that we haven’t seen or heard a peep from Triple H since that fateful night in Dallas. These are all facts and elements that even a casual fan may relate to because he/she may have watched WrestleMania and maybe has watched the weekly shows from time to time over the last two years. Now let’s dig a little deeper…

The NXT brand is like Triple H’s overly pampered newborn; most of us already know that and if you don’t, well now you do. If you don’t know that KO was one of the top guys in that brand then you must live in a teepee or something, get with the f***ing program! So the foundation is laid very seamlessly with just one exception: what is the great reason for Triple H to turn on Rollins? That is the big question that needs to be answered and will ultimately steer this ship in whatever direction they want. Seriously guys, please make this one good! There is such a diverse and compelling story to be told here and so many pieces of this puzzle are already in place.

Here’s how I see it: There are two great elements to this that absolutely have to be exploited in order to make the gimmick work.

The first element is that WWE has been trying to promote this meaningless war for ratings and superiority between opposing shows within the same company—very stupid, but ok. The way to correct that boneheaded move and make it into something watchable is to have Triple H come out next Monday night and simply state that Raw and SmackDown both suck and NXT is no longer the future, but it’s also the present too! He would declare that NXT is slowly but surely taking over the WWE and all of their programming and there isn’t a damn thing that Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon or Shane McMahon can do about it. The man may also point out the fact that he just signed a new deal not that long ago and his “legal team” has advised that it would be a very costly mistake for the WWE to violate or attempt to terminate that contract. He should be sure to point out that if Stephanie doesn’t like it, she’ll have to learn to like it.


Secondly, Triple H’s major return/swerve last night was presented in a way for everyone to believe that Stephanie and Mick Foley had no idea it was coming. That was totally a focal point in the whole mess that ensued and WWE took it even further when they released a video after RAW went off the air of Stephanie in hysterics and screaming at Rollins that she had no idea that was going to happen. THIS is the time to build a Rollins/Stephanie love affair angle! Rollins literally just gave Stephanie the biggest hug to date on RAW. It would be magic if they kept feeding us subtle clues and even Mick Foley should have no idea but is also getting some vibes about it as well. Clearly there will be friction between Triple H and Stephanie because she had “no idea” and it wasn’t what she had wanted—so they need to build the affair angle off of that. These are the type of layers that I think Mr. Russo believes the WWE creative stories and programs are missing because, let’s face it, the angles we see pretty much all of the time now are barely even acute… if you catch my drift.

It’s been all over the internet today that WWE is building to a Triple H/Rollins match at WrestleMania 33 and I would say that seems like it’s probably accurate given the circumstances of Monday night. There is a solid seven months to build this into a rivalry with scorching heat that will lead to the ultimate payoff at the Showcase of the Immortals. I say DO NOT try to force a babyface Seth Rollins down our throat like some type of sick Roman Reigns parody! Instead, build this whole thing up with more swerves and better storytelling so that by the time WrestleMania 33 is finished, you’ve created your top babyface in Seth Rollins but it happened ORGANICALLY!

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m going to get geared up and ready for SmackDown tonight. Please comment and share your opinions!

Until next time, The Gonzo Shark checks out…