The amount of hate that has been relentlessly spewed towards CM Punk in the last two days since his loss in the UFC is absolutely unwarranted and distasteful on so many levels. If you don’t like the guy or he’s not your particular taste that’s fine, but for these mindless drones parading online with a false sense of importance to sit there and cast out blind judgments and unnecessary, dark emotions towards someone that they don’t know from a hole in the wall is really just sad—if you’re one of those people, shame on you! I get it, people thought he was crazy for ever attempting to get inside a cage for combat at the highest level on the world’s biggest, most recognizable, and most credible stage for all the eyes of the world to watch him either fail or succeed on the mainstream spectrum—like it or not, that took more courage than most of us have ever had the privilege of exercising. But Punk was awarded that privilege and made the most of it, even if it was in an absolutely lopsided defeat.

His coach, Duke Roufus, said that he’d never met anyone who was so famous in one aspect of their life yet so humble in another facet. Now I’m paraphrasing that but you get the point—this guy laid everything on the line and put his heart and soul out there for the world to see live and in living color. He knew there was a huge possibility that he would be completely shellacked inside that octagon on Saturday night allowing the world to witness him helplessly at the mercy of another man, and not in a worked WWE match like before, but this time in a real shoot fight. The point is that he didn’t care or let that affect him because his dreams were much bigger and more important than the opinions of people that want to put themselves over on social media because they don’t have any real talent in life to do it themselves! So these model citizens have to vicariously ride the coattails of someone who put in the real work to become something great in life and then bury that person to feel like they have a voice people actually care about. It’s pathetic and unfortunately typical of today’s society.


CM Punk put in the endless hours of preparation and learned the art of war as much as he could in two short years. It’s all a matter of perception: Do you look at it like a guy foolishly getting in over his head and making a joke out of himself? Or, do you look at it like a man chased a dream and wasn’t afraid of the result because he understood that the journey to that destination was far more valuable and important to him AS A MAN than anything else? And I don’t know, maybe there are levels of truth both ways. However, what I do know for sure is that a man emotionally stripped himself naked and let down his guard exposing the deepest parts of his bare soul for everyone to see without a single shred of shame—and that is a testament to the person he is!

The “ego” is the root of all evil in this world and I know people will say it’s money, but that’s a load of bulls*** because when there wasn’t any money as we know it today people were bartering—and egos were just as strong and profound then as they are now. In the most basic and raw form of an observation or insight: Punk proved that he understands to be humble, put his pride in his pocket, and leave his ego at the back door. His took an ass-whooping like a man, to be perfectly blunt about it, and that takes an enormous amount of guts for a guy who was very much a novice entering a world of danger that he’d never seen before.

He took the chance to be gracious in defeat while capitalizing on the opportunity to spread a word of inspiration and positivity. He didn’t make excuses about having two surgeries during the two years of training. He didn’t make excuses for a lack of experience. He was REAL about it and admitted that he was outclassed by the better fighter, Mickey Gall. It would’ve been much easier to blame his unsuccessful debut on any one of these things, but instead he faced the truth of the situation head on which is always the more difficult route and it’s very reflective of his highly documented journey as a whole. In my opinion, everything came full circle for Punk on Saturday night and he’ll be one step closer to becoming the strongest version of himself because of it. There is no shame in that!


Take what you want from this guy’s story and perceive it in whatever fashion you would like. If you don’t like him or your glad that he lost that is fine, but voice your opinion in a mature and constructive manner. Personally, I am a bigger CM Punk fan because of this. Fear is the most powerful human emotion and has the ability to interfere with a person’s logic or reason forcing them to act out in desperation. What we witnessed when he stepped into that cage was a man brushing fear to the side like an annoying fly buzzing around his ear—that takes unmeasurable amounts of courage and demands the utmost respect!

I believe that people only try to bring you down because you are above them. Punk proved that he was above all the hate, but people still want to blurt out their verbal flatulence like they’re somehow a better person than him. Ok, so do what he did and get in that cage! Not one single naysayer would ever even entertain that idea but they’ll still spread their hate all over social media. Stop trying to pass on your highly contagious hate and get a life! If the only thing you can do is summon up the courage to shell out hate through a computer screen—it’s time to take a long, hard reflective look in the mirror! Rant over.

Until next time, The Gonzo Shark checks out…