Today is the day, and the biggest fight in history is upon us as Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor prepare to throw down under the neon radiance in the circus of debauchery and decadence that is Las Vegas. Never has a particular fight garnered this much attention so quickly and the entire word is bursting at the seems in sheer excitement and frantic anticipation. This spectacle is an exhibition into an uncharted territory of Boxing and MMA colliding as one.

The majority of pundits believe that Conor McGregor has finally bitten off way more than he can chew. They say he will be embarrassingly outclassed, and handily dominated by the man who many believe is the greatest boxer ever, Floyd Mayweather Jr – and with a perfect boxing record of 49-0, it is a difficult claim to dispute. With boxing falling into the shadows of MMA over the last fifteen years, it is obvious that purists of the “sweet science” will do and say anything to protect their fading sport. There isn’t a single boxer who has spoken with the press since this bout was finalized that will give McGregor a chance. Some say he won’t even land a single punch! And who knows, maybe they’re right…then again, maybe their completely biased and delusional!

Conor McGregor has been boxing since he was ten years old and it only took him just under three years to virtually take over the UFC and the entire sport of MMA for that matter. Anyone can win a fight on any given night, and when two men are throwing fists at each other, ANYTHING can happen! Any puncher has a chance in any battle, even if it’s against the absolute best. Nobody ever thought Buster Douglas could do anything to Mike Tyson, until he knocked him out and shook the boxing world to its core – and this is exactly what Conor McGregor will do to the self proclaimed “best ever”.

Mayweather is a 40 year od man who hasn’t stepped into a boxing ring for a fight in two years and has spent the last decade running and dancing his way to victory after victory. His aura and mystique have won him may fights before he ever even stepped into the ring to square up with his adversary. Unfortunately for “Money Mayweather”, he is about to get in there with an absolute monster who has made a career out of knocking men out and defiantly proving his doubters wrong. A man who has no respect for the notion that Mayweather is the greatest ever and no regard for the idea that Floyd can beat him. McGregor strongly believes that he will knock him out easily and many of the seemingly never-ending questions will be answered in just a few short hours.

Will Mayweather prove that he is still the greatest, even at almost 41 years of age? Or, will McGregor prove that focus, belief and determination are more valuable than experience, skill and wisdom? Will Mayweather really be able to dodge every one of Conor’s punches? Or, will McGregor be able to confuse Mayweather with his unorthodox style and that big punch that puts him away? Can a mixed martial artist beat a boxer at his own game?

I believe McGregor will shock the world. Conor is an Irish killing machine who has zero doubt that he will in fact steamroll over Floyd in devastating fashion. He is the bigger, taller, longer, younger fighter and has the power of a jackhammer in his left hand. Mayweather’s entire legacy rides on this fight and that is a huge burden to carry into such an unpredictable matchup. One man has been getting pillows thrown at his face for over twenty years, and the other is a man has been eating kicks, knees, punches and elbows for the better part of the last decade. He is the more hardened fighter and it will be very difficult for Floyd to hurt him with boxing gloves. McGregor has nothing to lose and everything to gain and, for Mayweather, it’s the exact opposite. If he gets upset in this fight his legacy is tarnished forever, and that is huge! There is a reason why it’s said that the man with nothing to lose is most dangerous, and the reason is that it’s true.


McGregor’s unwavering confidence isn’t something that’s taught in the gym or something that can be learned… you either have it or you don’t. To achieve it, you must first believe it- and McGregor most certainly believes he will achieve this. There is a completely different animal getting into the ring, one that Floyd hasn’t ever seen before. This is a kill or be killed scenario that must have a definitive finish. That definitive finish will come inside of six rounds when Conor McGregor knocks his punk ass out!

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