Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets #2 Full VIP RELM Network Version (Includes content not aired on PodcastOne)

Vince Russo introduces his new theme song for his new show called MARK-A-RITAVILLE. From there he once again exposes the half-truths and the mistruths provide on a weekly basis by the “so-called” experts who never spent ONE MINUTE in the legitimate wrestling business. On today’s show, Vince actually plays a discussion between two marks–Lyin’ Ratin being one of them–explaining the various ways to get their WRESTLEMANIA CHAIRS home. From there the guru, Dave Meltzer, discusses AJ Styles going to RAW–which of course never happened. And, oh yeah, Dave Schrer (I misspelled it, but who the hell cares) takes a shot at Vince for owning a Soft Pretzel Franchise. THIS IS GOLD!!!

This episode originally aired on April 13, 2017