On today’s Lions, Tigers, Bears and Dirt, Amazing Race/TNA Superstar Robbie E. joins the show to discuss this week’s HOT TOPICS in the world of Sports-Entertainment. After harassing Robbie for dropping the ball on MISS TESSMACHER, Vince Russo further needles his guest by accusing him of Jeff Jarrett having 85% ownership of the very car he’s driving. From there, a very UNFOCUSED Disco Inferno–due to him chasing a puppy around the entire show—pops off on such topics as; HIS BOY Ryan Satin QUITTING because the heat in the kitchen got too hot, the new GFW/POP TV Deal, Enzo’s NEW-FANGLED heat, Sexy Star/Rosemary situation, Matt Morgan running for office, NJPW star Okada saying his company is better than the WWE and Vince’s muse, Shelly Martinez, accuses Vince McMahon of having his way with his female in-ring employees in return for a favorable push. And, that’s PART 1!!! The second half of the show sees Vince GRILL Jeff Lane over his new girlfriend, and having sex while wearing a freakin’ SNORE-MASK!!!

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