Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets #8 Full VIP RELM Network Version (Includes content not aired on PodcastOne)

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Ah, yes, it’s that time again. Just like old-time radio–pop open a cold Yoo-Hoo, take out the bag of Bugles, nestle up next to your transistor and enjoy Vince Russo as he absolutely destroys the wrestling marks and their dirt sheets by using their own audio/video clips against them. This week Meltzer Magoo is highlighted as he claims to not hate Vince, know more about wrestling “economics” than Vince McMahon and claims that chairshots to the head—never hurt anyone. Ah, yes, the wisdom of the marks as they continue their crusade to lead the sheep and destroy the wrestling business as we once knew it . . . once and for all!

This episode originally aired on May 25, 2017