In what will go down as a HUGE VICTORY, Vince Russo gets his sweet, sweet revenge by squashing former WCW jobber, the Disco Inferno, in the second round of their on-going spelling bee. With the wisdom only Albert Einstein would know, Russo embarrasses the once proud wrestler with the almost impossible spelling of GROTESQUE. Of course, the former somebody doesn’t take the loss well and ends up burying his head in total shame. Also covered: will we see a Sting/Taker match at WM, Impact’s new management team, will Vince McMahon understand Matt Hardy’s Woken Character, Ziggler’s shocking WWE booking comments and TNA talent being paid $100 a match. Also, when did Vince Russo learn how to write fake inter-office memos and why did Disco totally bury the work of Bruce Prichard?

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