Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets #19 Full VIP RELM Network Version (Includes content not aired on PodcastOne)

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On this free full episode of Castrating the Marks, Francesco Castano, CEO and President of the “I Hate Meltzer Magoo Corporation”, joins Vince Russo and Jeff Lane in celebrating over an hour of the insights, thoughts and wisdom of the GREAT MAGOO himself! Topics included MAGOO on BAYLEY, MAGOO on SAMOA JOE, MAGOO on KICKS TO THE FACE, MAGOO on WWE BUSINESS, MAGOO on LEBRON/JORDAN of PRO WRESTLING and MAGOO on AJ BEING BETTER IN JAPAN THAN BRET/MICHAELS. It’s a MAGICAL SHOW where your brain will surely EXPAND and EXPLODE!!!

This episode originally aired on Aug. 10, 2017