Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets #22 Full VIP RELM Network Version (Includes content not aired on PodcastOne)

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In an amazing episode of Castrating the MarksVince Russo opens the show by finishing the lyrics to his #1 hit MARKARITAVILLE, From there he breaks out the knife and starts carving. Topics today–another classic Bryan Alvarez backyard wrestling promo, Dave Meltzer somehow manages to castrate himself, Keller gloats about John Cena trying to impress and win him over, Ryan Satin picks up his ball and goes home failing to swallow his own medicine, and Dave Scherer cuts all ties with Brock Lesnar. Another UNBELIEVABLE HOUR-PLUS!!! Oh yeah, Vince also reenacts John Cena and Nikki Bella’s honeymoon night, prior to cutting a promo on a Brand Member who requests a SHOUT-OUT after sending him a piece of vinyl!!!

This episode originally aired on Aug. 31, 2017