Creativity, Passion, and Inspiration: Thoughts on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon by Gonzo Shark

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” – Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Life isn’t meant to be some half-assed chug down a long, dark and boring road when we have this incredible vehicle cleverly compromised of a mind, body, and soul to navigate with! We all see them everyday, they’re everywhere; the employee at Dunkin Donuts that doesn’t want to be there, is clearly miserable, and doesn’t care enough to make your coffee the way you asked for it or even give you the proper change. Then, all of a sudden your “two minute” stop for coffee turns into a 10 or 15 minute ordeal because someone wasn’t inclined or respectable enough to do their job correctly. Or, the lazy man who sleeps in the cozy confines of his plush, pillow-top mattress while he lets his wife bundle up and shovel the two feet of show and break her back in the process. It’s time to change the tide!

This type of nonsense is happening all over the place and it has been for years. Laziness is trending and the bandwagon is getting overpopulated. People need to understand that life is like a continuous series of tests that allow you to shape, mold, determine and create your own happiness and destiny. We are all connected to the same universe and built with the same structure of blood, flesh and bone. We have the ability to connect on higher levels, with more positive frequencies and we must harness that. No matter what color we are, or what culture we’re from– We are one!

This incredible divide that seems to slither it’s way into almost anything: religion, politics, sports, culture, morality, entertainment, media, immigration, war– the list goes on and on. We live in a time that unity is the most crucial commodity, but it seems to be the easiest one for people to forget. If there is one virtue that I’ve been trying to master, it’s the virtue of learning to accept everything in life first, then react– and trust me, it can be a challenge a lot of times.

We were given this incredible gift called life and all born on the same planet, in the same solar system. Understand, not everybody is meant to be in your life or my life, but we need to love our brothers and sisters because that’s what we are as a species, brothers and sisters! We need to help our neighbors and protect our planet, period! We need to strive everyday to become better versions of ourselves in order to evolve and that means putting in 100% and then some!

Creativity is crucial to our existence. It is the very foundation of anything great in this world and is one of the best tools we can use to enlighten our spirit in the quest of fulfillment and charity. We must focus on the betterment of ourselves in order to spread the gifts that we can offer to the rest of the world. Be creative, because it’s like a doorway to opening our minds and thinking freely!

Wake up everyday and do the right thing, put in the hard work and just believe that the Universe will reflect the positivity and progress that you forge and cast out, because it will– as above, so below! Trust in creativity and passion to be a vehicle in spreading love and stomping out hate!

Join the movement… because it matters now more than ever!

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