Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets #30 Full VIP RELM Network Version (Never aired on PodcastOne)

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On today’s free edition of Castrating the Marks, Vince Russo opens up by singing an original mark tune, penned by a New Jersey cop, Dave Meltzer Magoo explains his STAR SYSTEM by channeling Scott Steiner, Vince makes a case for Ryan Satin being BIG’D, as he has the mind of a 6 year-old, but yet, lives in the body of an adult dweeb! From there, Alvarez admits to staring at men’s penis’, Keller talks about being CRANKED YANKED 15 years ago and still believing the call was actually REAL and Meltzer tries to sell the “Young Bucks” INVASION OF THE MARKS as being more significant than the DX invasion on WCW.

This episode originally aired on Oct. 26, 2017