Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets #41 Full VIP RELM Network Version (Never aired on PodcastOne)

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It what many are calling the best Castrating the Marks to date, nineteen topics are discussed on the show that just keeps on giving! For starters, Vince Russo is worked by one of his own, The Hambone, who sent him a piece on vinyl as an alias to make his way back on the show. Topics discussed include Dave Meltzer having a “sleep over” with his friends as they survive an earthquake during the Wrestle Kingdom extravaganza, from there he breaks the news that all along he has a law degree enticing many wrestlers to ask him to serve as their agents during contract negotiations. Mike Johnson admits to being part of some underground Japanese wrestling tape ring that goes from location to location in order to shake the police, while Bryan Alvarez gets corrected by his boss, Meltzer, then goes on to brag about bulking up to 155 pounds. Added bonus–MELTZER’S HIGH SCHOOL PHOTO!!!

This episode originally aired on Jan. 11, 2018