Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets #93 VIP RELM Network Version 

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On a heated episode of Castrating the MarksVince Russo and Jeff Lane are joined by Brand host Mike Durband, and for the first time, Brand member Doug Varnam. After feeling ambushed by Vince, Mike lets out his inner heel and explodes on both Vince and Doug! What is Vince’s reaction to what he considers ungrateful behavior? And of course, all of our favorite marks are castrated as Dave Meltzer Magoo is in rare form due to his inner child being released over a trip to Japan with perhaps the greatest series of laughs we’ve heard yet, Bruce Mitchell lays out the perfect emotional moment for Vince McMahon, Jeff actually agrees with a point made by Wade Keller, Alvarez is talking about another champagne bottle and much more!

This episode originally aired on Jan. 10, 2019