Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets #108 VIP RELM Network Version 

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On today’s free RELM Network archive of Castrating the MarksVince Russo and Jeff Lane do their due diligence by taking these marks to task for all their preposterous comments! Bryan Alvarez lays blame this week on Baron Corbin for the third hour RAW rating drop (even though it drops every week), Wade Keller can not stop criticizing Roman Reigns and then decides to give us another grammar lesson, Dave Meltzer has trouble keeping up with all the good wrestling, some goof has a “brilliant” idea for a WWE accent battle, plus more of Dave Scherer’s incredible ways to watch wrestling. Also, Marbles goes to see How to Train Your Dragon 3, and this week’s t-shirt guest’s name is…Vince Russo?!

This episode originally aired on Apr. 29, 2019