A lot going on this week on The Brand as first Vince Russo discusses how he emailed Dave Meltzer regarding his podcast talking about the Brawl for All and if Dave responded. Also, Vince and Jeff Lane take you through the week as Taeler Hendrix talks with Vickie Guerrero about Chris Benoit and Dark Side of the Ring, The Franchise Shane Douglas gives his thoughts on the Firefly Funhouse Match from WrestleMania, Disco Inferno is notified that Vince will not be appearing on LTB&D, a Castrating the Marks clip discussing the Young Bucks first meeting with Tony Khan, plus Big Vito and Noel, Stevie Richards and Bin Hamin, Goldy Locks, Stevie Ray, and Vince’s thoughts on Vince McMahon’s role in the Brawl for All!

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