Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets #157 VIP RELM Network Free Archive 

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If the people working at WWE were as smart as the marks that get filleted on this show every week, they’d already have the solution to their empty arena shows….just CGI the fans! Vince Russo and Jeff Lane listen to that awesome advice and much more including some dude on a women’s wrestling podcast chastising other men for being attracted to sexy women, what specifically Dave Meltzer Magoo has been doing for the past 10 days (besides riding his bike annoyed that there are other people out there not taking the virus seriously), classic Bruce Mitchell booking, Mike Johnson’s dream and terrible joke, plus what else is Meltzer one of the best at? All this on today’s free archive of Castrating the Marks, perhaps the most telling episode of why we do this so far!

This episode originally aired on Mar. 30, 2020