When “Lazy” Jeff Lane asked me to write a brief paragraph describing THE BRAND for our website, I was prepared to think long and hard about it to assure that I would craft just the right words to describe exactly what THE BRAND has meant to me for the last two years.

Yeah, man, I was prepared to agonize over the writing of this because I have so much emotion wrapped up in THE BRAND that finding just the right words to say was going to be nothing short of a chore.  However, every time when I would begin to contemplate exactly what THE BRAND means to me, the one word that kept immediately coming to me was FAMILY.  That’s all I could think about . . . FAMILY.

It begins and ends with that one word.  That’s what we are . . . a Family – and, damn proud to say, a very dysfunctional one at that!!!  We yell, we scream, we give our opinions–many lopsided ones at that, we cry, we hate, we love, but every one of those things . . . we do together.  FAMILY.

Never in my life have I been around a wack pack of people who have my back NO MATTER WHAT.  You are there.  You are my support.  You were left standing when those that I could no longer help. . . walked away.  For that . . . I will be forever grateful.

I love every single one of you as if you were my own–and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  You filled a void that had been empty for years and my mere words can never tell you how thankful and grateful I am.

Bro to bro—you are my inspiration.

But please . . . don’t ask me for any money for your freakin’ weddings!