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Every four years we elect a new President.  When the population of America is gripped by the election, I’m exactly the opposite.  I simply just don’t care enough to pay attention.  I’d rather watch sports or some form of reality television instead.  Maybe that makes me sound ignorant and uninformed, but it’s the truth.

That’s changed this year.  It’s changed because of Donald Trump.  I find myself watching more coverage of the Presidential race than I ever have before.  Why?  Because I can’t wait to see what Donald Trump is going to say or do next.

When most people hear Donald Trump speak they cringe.  I, on the other hand, am usually sitting down rubbing my hands together and laughing.  I love hearing Trump spout off ridiculous statements.  His plan to build a wall separating the United States and Mexico is hilarious!  The fact that he insists Mexico will pay for the construction?  Even more hilarious!

Unlike most people, I don’t freak out when I hear Trump say things like that.  I don’t freak out because IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!  I don’t care what Donald Trump says, if he’s elected President there is no way in hell we’ll ever see a wall at the border to Mexico.  That’s why I think Donald is so great.  He’s not afraid to be controversial and say things that elicit a reaction from the masses.

I know that’s not the traditional style of a politician.  Let me ask you this question.  When’s the last time that traditional style of politician has done us any good?  Maybe having someone different who thinks outside the box can do this country some good.  I for one and definitely open to trying something different because the current system SUCKS!

The only situation where Donald Trump being President would scare me is a major conflict.  If Donald Trump had to decide whether or not to lead this country into war I’d be nervous.  But, I’ll be honest with you.  Even thinking about that gets me kind of excited.  I have visions of Donald Trump sitting in the situation room with his finger on the “button.”  Just as he begins to push the button and nuke an enemy he says “You’re fired.”

You also have to admit that if Trump was President that the State of The Union addresses would be must see television.  Under every other President I automatically tune out and look for something else to watch.  When Donald addressed the country I’d be locked in and excited to hear what he had to say.  It would be like watching Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock back in the day on “Monday Night Raw”.  You’d really have no idea what he was going to say or what he was capable of saying.  Just like with the stars of WWE we love and revere so much.

So I had to ask myself a question.  What is it about Donald Trump that I enjoy so much?


As I write this blog it truly has sunk in.  I don’t want Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States because I think he’s the best man for the job.  I want Donald Trump to be President because he entertains me the most.  He brings that element of drama that I love in professional wrestling.  Donald Trump is the closest thing we’ll ever get to the “Mr. McMahon” character running for President.

That’s not the reason you should choose a President.  I think it’s official.  After 30 years of watching, pro wrestling has corrupted my brain.


  1. Haha, awesome!

    I’m not from America and have not been paying too much attention to the Presidential Elections but I totally understand how pro-wrestling has corrupted your brain.

    I cannot watch a news broadcast without imagining Joey Styles or JR saying something during the newsreaders monologue. Or go through the day without wanting to hit an RKO or Stunner on someone!

    This made me laugh, great post Blake.

    Take care,


  2. I am from the Netherlands but the Presidential elections in the USA is covered widely here. I admit that Trump is entertaining but the way he talks down on minorities is shameful. He wants to stop immigrants from Mexico and muslim immigrants. He clearly forgot every American, except the native Americans, is born out of an immigrant family so he may as well move out of the country then. I rather see him in a hair vs hair match against Vince at WM32 haha.

  3. I completely agree with you Klaas. I think Trump is an entertaining figure, but Im not sure I want someone like that in charge of our country. Im not the biggest political guy (I used to be until I got old), but I think Trump is nothing but a hate mongering racist, sexist, bigot. I have zero time for that in my life. Let him go back to reality TV and away from the govt.

  4. This is the exact same way I feel about Trump. The rest of the candidates all suck anyway. They flip flop on all issues as long as it gets them more votes. At least Trump sticks to what he says.