Headed out to Wrestlecon in a few hours and just wanted to touch base with my beloved BRAND!

This is an absolute huge and amazing week for the entire BRAND family. As you know Jeff Lane and myself are headed out to Dallas today to partake in the biggest wrestling convention of the year. Our purpose is focused—to spread the good news about THE BRAND, and sign up as many new members as we possible can. If you’re headed out to Wrestlecon, please visit Jeff, myself and the GREAT Ed Ferrara at the Gimmick Tree both where we’ll be signing autographs and just rappin’ to those who come by. From there, I plan to work the room and get as many numbers and commitments as I can from future guests of The Swerve. My goal is to do even more interviews going forward, now that we have greatly increased our reach by joining the PodcastOne family!!!

So the big question—am I going to try to get Jeff hooked up? Bro—what do you think I’M REALLY GOING FOR!!! No way I’m sharing MY room with Jeff tonight–either he gets hitched—or—he’s in the FREAKIN’ HALL!!!

Last, but not least, please don’t forget the new RELM Network pricing that begins today. If you are already a member, you monthly rate will be reduced to $2.95 a month—no matter what you signed up for.  And, if you’re thinking of signing up, you too are being offered a monthly price of $2.95–for life–with the option of opting out at any time. And, as a bonus, if you sign up now–you will get my EXCLUSIVE interview with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. I’m telling you, just the VISUAL of seeing Steve get worked up when I bring up an old Jeff Jarrett promo—is worth the price of admission alone!!! Also of note, starting tomorrow—Anything But Freakin’Rasslin’! becomes a weekly premium show—available to Brand members only.

So remember, once we get back–we start on PodcastOne on Tuesday, and you can here the audio version of our show every weekday for free through ITunes, or the PodcastOne website, or apt.


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