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  1. Why Cant WWE have a full match and then cut to commercial after the full match, The whole thing to where theres not a full match on raw cheats the home viewer from watching raw. i know that they pay for there sponsors but come on, thats so damn simple it could bring up ratings

  2. Same ole generic rock intro. Same ole geriatric Vinnie Mac. Same ole garbage format of a show.

    The biz is finished.

    They’ll pop a 3.0 tonight, but it’s back to 2.0’s next week, and 1.0’s next month.

    It is what it is, but they reap what they sow…

    Then. Now. Or Never.

  3. It’s unfortunate that nether the Wyatts–or–The League of Nations are over. That’s why you really can’t get excited about the angle. At least it was different so I will give them that!

  4. It’s blatantly obvious the same 25 dummies are writing this and anything Shane McMahon is a work. He’s no more a character than Heath Slater is. No stroke. 50 minutes in and what threaded narrative? One backstage pre-tape with Shane. No audio. They don’t have the balls nor skills to do what needs to be done.

  5. One thing I don’t understand is they have over 100,000 people at Cowboy game how was there only 101000 people there yesterday with the whole field filled with people to.

  6. This has nothing to do with wrestling, but it’s 2016. How do we not have live ratings on television? We can tell how many people are live watching a stream, but we can’t measure that on live TV? I call BS!

  7. That was the most entertaining segment of the night – sad. Enzo definitely is a master of the mic – doesn’t sound scripted. Baron Corbin is not a big man, Big Cass now that’s a big man. Should have brought up Carmella too.

  8. I still haven’t tuned in to Raw yet. I’m not going to based on the comments that you guys have posted. I could write a better show than Vince McMahon and I would be willing to prove it. Anybody on here could. Thanks for being there for us former wrestling fans Vince. I appreciate it. Maybe one day wrestling will be great again.

  9. Im okay with that, AJ deserves it plus i think they can work with the fact that AJ is an internet darling whilst Roman is being booed out of the building… if they have the balls to draw attention to that that is

  10. Decent show. Definitely not great by night after Mania Raw standards but not bad either. Enjoyed first half of show a lot more than the second half personally. Was really just looking for change with Reigns and possible change at the top. Got both with seeds planted for Reigns turn and Shane at the top (temporarily anyway). Styles is a good bridge face contender until Rollins/Ambrose.