Breaking News!!!

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels will be my very first guest on THE SWERVE on PodcastOne this coming FRIDAY!!! Today, I talked with HBK for the good part of 90 minutes discussing everything you want to know from his first WWF Championship run all the way up to his epic appearance last night at WrestleMania. The interview will air on PodcastOne over two weeks with part 1 airing on Friday, April 8 and part 2 on Friday, April 15. These shows will be FREE on PodcastOne by going to their website–, downloading their app, or subscribing to THE BRAND on ITUNES.

As a extra bonus–you can SEE the interview with Shawn on The RELM Network a day before the audio airs on PodcastOne, by subscribing to THE BRAND at

Very rarely does Shawn do interviews–this was extremely special to me, and one you don’t want to miss!!!


  1. He has to work one more match with the shape he’s in. Why waste it? THIS could have been something in the storyline Shane could have done being in charge of Raw. Bring back the greatest of all time.

  2. Awesome news!!

    As a kid I was always a HBK fan even during the Bret Hart / Michaels fued, for me he was one of the big influences of transision from the 80s larger than life gimmicks to attitude.

    Even when he came to England during his fued with Bulldog during the birth of DX he was cheered over the Bulldog.

    Anyway like I say Awesome news!!