Vince Russo and Jeff Lane are joined by special guest Glenn Gilbertti (The Disco Inferno) as all three give their thoughts on WrestleMania including The Rock’s verbal spar with Bray Wyatt, the lack of Seth Rollins, Triple H’s entrance, performers crying on the show, John Cena’s return, Shane versus The Undertaker, Roman Reigns’ victory and much more!


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  1. To be quite honest, I think Disco is missing the point a bit, when he’s saying people who boo Reigns are booing him because of the way he looks. The way I see it, they’re booing him because they think the way he looks is the only reason Vince has chosen him to be to be the No. 1 guy in the company, while his his work in the ring, his performence on the mic and his overness as a character dosn’t justify the position he’s been put in.

    After all, it’s not like they’ve started to exclusively supposting wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, who “look like them”, like Glenn is suggesting. They also cheer guys like Rollins, Ziggler or Ryder, who aren’t exactly looking like the regular dudes in the crowd, either.

    To me, the reason why people identify with these guys and dislike someone like Reigns has more to do with what they symbolize to them. I think most people can relate to the feeling of working harder and being better at what they do than someone else, but that someone else is still getting that promotion, being paid more than they are, based on reasons other than the work itself. And that’s what they see in Roman Reigns, weather it’s the actual truth or not.