I wanted to take this opportunity to plug the current Man Overboard tour. This will be the last chance to see them live for some time, as they are taking a break following the appropriately dubbed “farewell for now.” tour.

You’ve seen Zac Eisenstein on many of our videos here at (including his brand new series The Drive), and now is your chance to see him perform live with Nik Bruzzese, Justin Collier, Joe Talarico, and Wayne Wildrick in the cities posted above.

I will be attending the April 14th show in Worcester, MA, and if you are near any of the shows this coming week, I recommend you go out and see them as well!

Check out some of Man Overboard’s videos below:

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  1. Hey jeff

    Thanks for the link, I haven’t really listened to music for the past 5 years but I could definitely see the younger me having these guys on the stereo while playing video games or going for a drive.

    Ill defiantly consider picking up some of their songs on iTunes or wherever I can get them and sticking them on my iPod.

    Shame the British music industry is so obsessed with X factor because these guys are way better than the crap that program produces.