With that one line delivered by Roman Reigns on RAW last week, Vince McMahon could finally have his WWE Champion strutting down the right path. The plan that was no doubt derailed by a hostile crowd in Philly at last year’s Royal Rumble–primarily do to horrible booking of the Rumble match itself–could be right where it was planned to be minus the Boss’s insistent obsession of Reigns being that white-bread babyface that he tends to both love and adore.

Vince has repeated his love of the do-good, babyface Champion over and over, going all the way back to Big Daddy Cool Diesel defeating Bob Backlund in record time at Madison Square Garden to become the new hood ornament of the company back in 1995. The second Diesel won the title, the fearsome giant was posing on the cover of the WWF Magaizine smiling like the Chesire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. After that, it was Shawn Michaels who almost lost his edge by Vince having me force feed the Champion lines that were more sappy then Barry Manilow lyrics. Let it be known, from there, he tried to do the same thing with The Rock. I was in that room the night after Rock joined The Corporation and Vince was coaching Rock to be the milk-toast babyface that HE wanted. Thankfully Rock was too cool and too smart to ever allow that to happen. By being HIMSELF he got himself over to the point of Vince not being able to deny him. A page that Roman Reigns needs to RIP OUT and STEAL from his cousin’s book.

I wish somebody would explain to Vince that the white hat and the black hat no longer exists. Good people do bad things, and bad people do good things. We are ALL shades of gray. I swear, I thought we had gone over that in detail almost TWENTY YEARS AGO–but, I guess it didn’t stick. I guess it’s Vince’s comfort zone–doing what he knows and what his father taught him. Unfortunately in 2016 that philosophy is archaic.

But–let’s forget all that for arguments sake. Right now—we are THERE–exactly where we need to be–pitting Reigns against AJ Styles–the poster child of the WWE Fan Boys–is GENIUS–he is the perfect opponent to play opposite of Roman’s new “I’m just the guy” persona. After 15 months—the stars are aligned and the WWE—Vince—has the opportunity to capitalize on this situation HUGE–the question is–will he?

I guess we’ll all see Monday night.



  1. I do think that Roman’s promo was one of the bright spots of the show, but even by potentially doing the right thing with his character the WWE still have a long ways to go to make the show watchable for the masses. It’s going to take getting a lot of more characters over. Unfortunately, to the WWE, the idea of getting someone over is giving them a spot in the match and assuming a “this is awesome” chant means success.

    WWE has branded this time as the “reality era” of wrestling; yet, I can’t think of any character that acts or talks like an actual human being.