The Bischoff/Russo takeover was 16 years ago today! Truly a day in my career that I will never forgot. If it was moments like this that killed WCW—then STAB AWAY!!! Great moments like this is what’s missing in sports-entertainment in 2016.


  1. The majority of people that have something to say on Vince killing WCW weren’t even old enough to have lived it, not that they even understand the basics of why the company was sold in the first place.

    Wrestling has changed, people who like it today never lived the good times, those were the glory days and tbh it kills me to watch it now after seeing what it used to be.

    It’s literally like bringing back he-man as a transgender kardassian (sp) and having Kanye as his mentor.. It shits on your childhood

    Thank you for the good times, Vince 🙂

  2. I’m watching Raw right now (as a casual might I add), but I just don’t care for any of the wrestlers or storylines. The only things that grab my attention are stars from the 90’s (when they come back), and AJ Styles! In fact, I think the best angles at the moment involve the women! If I could not watch it ever again, I could certainly live without it. It was moments like 16 years ago that had me tuning in every week with great anticipation. Long live WCW 2000!

  3. 16 years ago huh??..wow..how time flies..i was captivated watching it air back in the day..the thing that always made me laugh..was Vampiro’s facial expressions..he was not buying ‘the partnership’ between you and Eazy-E for a second that night!! lol

    Wish the WWE Network would hurry up and add Nitro ep’s from late ’99 / ’00 / ’01 on the network..i’ll take it anyday over their current product..even back then..i really enjoyed it..and they still haven’t added any ep’s of Thunder yet too.

    Vince..your work / efforts never went totally unappreciated..i was always entertained..no matter how ‘chaotic’ it got sometimes..i was always a WCW guy..however..watching old A-E Raws (we only got up to date WCW Nitro ep’s here in Australia..well..4 days behind to be precise..WWF RAW aired 6-8 weeks behind the US)..i can see how the WWF came out the eventual victors of ‘The War’.

    And from there i followed you to NWA-TNA..’SEX’ was very entertaining stuff..much like you..i prefer the entertainment aspect of Wrestling over the 100 star matches..TEAMING New Jack & SharkBoy together was GOLD!!