Just a week ago, Shawn Michaels was on my PodcastOne show and he stated–matter of factly–“Wrestling fans will watch RAW—no matter what”. And, by last night’s standards—he was DEAD ON.

Let’s just escort the elephant out of the room so we can move on–shall we. The fact that Shane McMahon is now running RAW after losing to the Undertaker less then ten days ago at WM–which should have barred him from doing so—is just ridiculous. Stipulations on matches now mean absolutely nothing—as the WWE proved last night. But, for cryin’ out loud, at least let a month pass and maybe some people would have forgotten about it. But truthfully–does it matter? The WWE will continue to do whatever it wants on Monday nights, and people will continue to watch. They know it—so they continue to do it. Truthfully—I don’t blame them. If your audience will eat whatever you feed them—just make them they easiest meal to cook–say SpaghettiOs every Monday night.

So–remove the elephant from the room—that obviously doesn’t matter to the fans. With that being said–RAW did many good things last night, they actually SHOWED us Shane running the show–by weaving backstage vignettes throughout the night, used another series of vignettes to both enhance current characters and introduce new ones and for the first time–in a long time–put STAKES on matches which actually made them mean something. These are the things I’ve been hollering about for months. But, regardless—some vast, vast improvements to last night’s show.

However, my main concern with last night’s show is that I believe the WWE is flooding the current roster with too much talent at once. I believe they need to do a better job of picking and choosing as the influx is surely going to drop some between the cracks as you simply can’t get everybody over at once. But, in all honesty–I do feel there is a motive to their madness. One reason for the heavy addition of talent could take them in a direction of Vince putting Shane over for the job he’s doing by pumping “new blood” into the WWE—a statement that infuriates both Triple H and Stephanie as Trips reminds Vince that “new blood” is coming directly from the property he developed called NXT. Man–would that be a great storyline with just so much possibility!

However–BUYER BEWARE! In the past months the WWE has “teased” us with good shows, only to build our anticipation and set up back the following week. One step forward–two steps back. Hopefully, that won’t be the case here. From where I sit–I believe–and, want to believe–that the WWE may finally be up to something. There is just too much story there to ignore. The pieces of the puzzle have all be dumped out on the table . . . now they just need to be put together.


  1. So what did we see last night on Raw that has been absent for so long?

    1) Multiple backstage vignettes. Most notably, Bray delivered his promo backstage before coming out. Notice how much more excited the crowd was for his shorter, to the point promo rather than how they are when he slowly plods to the ring and delivers a long-winded, rambling speech.

    2) As you stated, we start the show with the overall story thread, and it successfully weaves through everything throughout the night! THAT is what keeps people tuned in, to see how the story evolves.

    3) Did anyone catch how few cut-to-commercial moments during matches last night? Perhaps it’s just me, but hopefully someone told them that the biggest viewer-killer was to cut away in the middle of the action.

    Side Notes:

    Having a non-NXT crowd greatly helps in determining who is an actual draw. Turns out Enzo and Cass are actually over. Corbin, Crews, and the rest of the generic nobodies? Not so much….. I feel really bad for talented guys like Crews who get crickets chirping when he comes out. Bailey and Balor will likely get the same response when they debut. Drunken frat boys will cheer anyone, fans who pay $50+ for nosebleed tickets are more discriminating.

    Also, anyone notice the lack of pop for New Day this week? Even hardcore fans are getting tired.

    I can only imagine Shane is actually involved in all this somehow. This is NOT the same writing/producing team we have had in the past. Quote Albert Einstein; “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”. Something has happened backstage to make these changes, no chance the same leaders are involved.