In today’s episode of Bucket Full of Chicken Necks, Vince goes off on having to wash the freakin‘ dishes again, missing out on BOSE speakers because he didn’t hide them at the Flea Market, the tortoises who work at the freakin‘ Post Office, his ADD and how it is affected by peanuts, Will Smith story, Stones’ Some Girls, passing of Balls Mahoney and is it time for Dixie Carter to pack in TNA?

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  1. Vince, you’re not alone on the hunt for the lost peanuts. I also do something similar if I accidentally drop some loose change in my car. Just the thought of it bothers me!

    By the way, Chicken Necks is probably my wife and I’s favorite show of yours. We both love the rants.

    – Jay

  2. Bro I dunno about lost peanuts but if I’m eating pistachio nuts and I find an empty shell there better be a rouge nut in my bag or I feel seriously ripped off.