In this juicy, rumor infested show, Lions, Tigers, Bears and Dirt, Vince Russo, Jeff Lane and Andre Corbeil discuss all the rumors swirling around the world of professional wrestling. In today’s edition the three tackle such controversial topics as; Sean Waltman unknowingly ripping into Vince, MVP hired/fired from Lucha Underground, TNA moving shop into a warehouse, Bray Wyatt injured and the passing of Balls Mahoney. Vince also blames Andre for running off the female demographics of the show.

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  1. I definitely consider myself a casual fan, and I obviously can’t speak for other casual fans, but I definitely don’t care about a lot of the current characters. I don’t even understand what these characters are supposed to be.
    Nobody has anything that really defines them and they are all so vanilla. I mean, what the heck is Sami Zayn’s character supposed to be? Quirky bearded guy?

  2. Honeslty I like the name Lions Tigers Bears & Dirt but if you have to change maybe call it (LTBD) then put a new name after

    Like (LTBD) curtain call / (LTBD) from inside the pope mobile / (LTBD) Body slams & promos

  3. Vince I have to ask, what exactly was the story with Bart Gunn when he got beat by butterbean?

    I don’t remember seeing him after than.

    I don’t mind waiting until a future episode to find out I was just wondering if you knew 🙂