In part 2 of Vince Russo’s Swerve interview with Terri Runnels (Marlena), Terri goes into detail about how she prepared for life after her turbulent relationship with her father-in law Dusty Rhodes, raising a child in the business, and what females got along with who during the Attitude Era.  Always one to be candid and honest, Terri says a thing, or two, that even shocks Vince during this interview. BONUS–at the start of the show, Vince tells his favorite Goldust story which he has never told before.

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  1. I always felt Terri was really under-utilized in the early 2000’s during the “Ruthless Aggression Era” (whatever the heck that meant). She was very versatile, though. One week she was conducting interviews, the next she was wrestling Trish Stratus, and the next she’s selling a beat down in the back from Victoria.