1. Joanie was blessed with a friend like you Vince. She is in a better place now. I just watched a video in which Joanie said she hoped to be in the Hall of Fame. It’s a shame WWE didn’t grant her that wish while she was still alive. If they induct her in the Hall of Fame next year it will be an act of hypocrisy.

  2. Very touching video, you said and did all the right things and I’m sure she will be looking down, with a smile, saying “that’s my Vince”

    Bro I know how you feel about not talking to deal with the pain, my misses had a miscarriage about 4 month ago and we had already seen the baby and it’s heart beat… It absolutely broke me.. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, I still find it hard, it feels like if you don’t talk about it maybe it’s not real, maybe it didn’t happen. I just supported the missed and never said a word about how I felt.

    Regarding the WWE, they make me sick….. Stephs comment should have been an apology, as should HHH’s. It’s funny how now it won’t benefit Chyna they talk about her again, I expect she will be in this years HOF, and she deserves it!!, but as per usual it’ll be all about the WWE, Steph will probably even accept the award for her as they are pretentious ass holes.

    How many people are they going to let die before they forget petty little differences?! They should be on the phone all day making up with everyone they are treating like shit, everyone!!

    God bless you Mr Russo, you are more of a man than HHH & McMahon put together.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. I cannot imagine what you two are going through. My mom had a miscarriage in the 80’s as I’m sure it still effects her today, but being that I have two boys, both adopted, both were newborns, being that I’m an advocate for adoption, is that something you and your wife would ever consider?

      • Thank for the kind words Peter 🙂

        I’m blessed to already have a 4 year old, although he’s been through a lot medically, if it wasn’t for him I honestly don’t know where I’d be right now. We never told him his mom was pregnant so he doesn’t know, but he’s a loving kid and likes cuddles and playing with me so “it helps”

        I may have considered adoption of it wasn’t for my son as my girlfriend and her brothers/sisters were adopted, although she didn’t have the best experience, which I can’t really go into.

        Sorry to hear about your mom, im sure you being around really helped 🙂 kids are a blessing, biological or adopted, they love you unconditionally and you’re the greatest thing in the world to them.

        Take care bro, thanks again

    • Hey mate,

      I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You helped me so much with my problems over the last few weeks whilst dealing with your own. If you need anything please let me know!

      Vince, stay strong my friend. You’ve offered the same advice to me so please stay strong bro!

      The Brand are here for you 🙂

      Take care,


      • Thanks mate

        I appreciate the support but I’m cool, as long as I have my son and my misses I can hold it inside and just get on with it :), I’ve been through a LOT in the past 5 years, sometimes I feel like I just switch off.. It’s weird .. and my missed had it worse, she had to have an operation to have the baby removed.

        I’m sorry about your mother in law, it must be terrible for your girlfriend, you’ll be in my prayers, bro.

        You take care of yourself and your misses, and look forward to the day you see your child.. It’ll be amazing , scary as hell when you realise the pressure but well worth it when you get used to it haha

      • I’m sorry mate, I hope you managed to find some comfort with time, it’s horrible ain’t it because you feel completely useless and the missed keeps giving me updates of hold old the little one would be.

        We are coping mate, thanks for the support 🙂

    • @EgoCity — Thanks mate..all these years later..and i still have nightmares / flashbacks to that night my ex was on the toilet / it happened..she was 11 weeks in..sadly..it’s fair to say that we started falling apart because of it..and within a year or two..we split up..i used to see a Pshyc who told me to ‘get over it’..WTF??..you just don’t get over things like that..some people are just heartless A-Holes i guess.

      Luckily..my near 18 year old son (yes..to the same ex who had the miscarriage) is as fit as a fiddle..he’s been living with me (just him and me) for virtually all his life..and i strongly believe he was put on this planet to save my life..because without him..i don’t think i’d still be here.

      Anywho..hang in there mate..and if you ever need to talk..feel free to hit me up on Twitter ( @TheRasslinGuy )


  3. Vince, you truly honored your friend with this video. I was tearing up right with you and Jeff while watching this.

    You said where you wished Joanie could have seen the outpouring of love from her fans during this time, but I hope that you also know and realize how much your fans love and appreciate you and also how much we all appreciate and love Jeff, Andre, Pastor Dave, and everyone else that makes The Brand great!

    – Jay

    • Jay is right and we, your brand family, stand strong as a unit behind you Vince.

      Keep your head up & stay strong bro!

      Take care,