Life has been extremely difficult for all of us since hearing the news of Chyna’s death. When you lose somebody you love it is always devastating. Needless to say, your life is going to change . . . there is going to be a hole left that you will never be able to fill. At 55, I have experienced death too many times, and each one becomes more difficult than the last. My grace is to understand that we all belong to God. He created us, put us on this earth, and then calls for us when He has bigger things for us to do for His Kingdom in Heaven. The time we spent with those that have moved on, was simply a gift from God. They were placed in our lives as part of our tapestry that defines each and every one of us as unique individuals. Chyna will never be replaced in my heart—never—but, with that being said I know that she would want me to go on knowing that she is in a peaceful state,  safe, and sound, at home.

Words can’t describe the out-pour of love that was bestowed upon me over the past few days, with the majority of them coming from loving souls that I’ve never even had the privilege of meeting. Your words, your thoughts, your love, got me through a very difficult time and I will never forget that . . . NEVER. I will try my best in the upcoming week to personally thank each of you that reached out to me. You are all special, special people that set a shinning example for others who might not be so giving.

So together . . . let’s all try to move on. Let’s all move on for Chyna. Let’s all keep her memory alive by loving each other in the same vane that she loved everybody she ever came across–family, friends, fans and total strangers. Let the light of Chyna’s love shine through all of us. Let’s assure that she made a difference while she was here with us, and will will spread that love forever in her honor.

Thank you and I love you.




  1. She’s looking down at us and seeing how much love we have for her. She’s has her affirmation of love and we will never forget her. I love you Chyna. I will never forget you.

  2. its hard, its been days and im still so sad over this. hope you are ok. i agree its best to keep her in our hearts and try to move on. i feel some of her team are already taking advantage by using her name in the press and using her death to cash in and its breaking my heart. i hope they stop it.

  3. vince i saw your tweet and i wasn’t talking about you! i know you aren’t trying to profit, i was talking about the ones doing interviews about finding her body, saying they are donating her brain even though they haven’t had permission from her family yet, not leaving her twitter account alone etc.. maybe i worded it badly but i wasn’t talking about you, i was talking about others and meaning i hope they take your approach to it

  4. my favorite wrestler growing up! but beyond that she seemed like such a wonderful person. i hope she is at peace now. thank you for your tribute, it was beautiful. you were always one of the few who was never afraid to show support and speak up for her. always felt the love and passion you had for her when you spoke about her, you’re a great friend. hope you are holding up well, i knows its though though.

    • I’ve been praying for you all day. Seeing you break down on the podcast hurt, but it also gave me strength to see you carry on. No BS heart-on-the-sleeve guys are rare. God bless you and I know Chyna can finally see and feel the love we are all generating.