ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the U.S. Appeals court has reinstated the NFL’s four game suspension for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady over the infamous “Deflategate”. Brady will miss the team’s first four games against Arizona, Miami, Houston, and Buffalo.

Shefter tweet


  1. He’s suspended, he’s not suspended, he’s suspended…… has anyone checked these judges Fantasy teams?

  2. I hope he takes it to the supreme court because he will look like a complete fool when more information comes out and he tried to talk his way around things he text or said. I don’t even care about the violation but the fact he was smug and lied(don’t kid yourselves he is lying) and the appeal and all this. Grow up, take those 4 games as extended vacation with your kids and come back and win 12 in a row and give everyone the big F You with another super bowl ring.

  3. So the 37-year old QB doesn’t have to face four good pass rush defenses while the Pats figure out their offensive line, a weak spot last year? Team should go 2-2 with Jimmy G… OKAY!!! Haha, thanks Rog!