TMZ has posted another 911 call, this time of Kid Rock calling for help after finding the deceased body of his assistant Michael Sacha.

I understand that TMZ makes their money by reporting celebrity news, and honestly they are remarkably accurate with their reports. I can only recall one story that was incorrect, and if I recall correctly, they owned up and fixed it. With that said, there are some things we don’t need to know, and in this case, hear.

Someone calling 911 for a loved one is an awful experience. Nobody should have to deal with that moment being broadcast for the world to hear (whether it is public material or not). TMZ has released several of these calls over the years, and I wish they would stop.

Please, TMZ, use your hearts in these situations. Stop posting these private and awful moments. I hope visitors to their site will stop listening to these as well.

Thoughts and prayers are with Michael Sacha’s friends and family.

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  1. 100 percent with you on that one Jeff. The public has no business listening to those and honestly, I decided to never ever support them after the release of the Ric Flair 911 call for his deceased son. Broadcasting these is absolutely disgusting.

  2. How is this even legal?! It Absolutely blows my mind…
    I understand certain phone calls being release if it’s in the national interest but harrowing phone calls of a desperate man trying to save his girlfriend, and for the sole purpose they are celebrities…..

    What next, compulsory birth videos of the rich and famous? It’s not like you can even have a 3 some, with some baby oil next to a swimming pool without Rupert Murdock and his rag trying to leak your name and intimate details for no other reason than. “We have a right to know”……

    Listen I know celebs are to expect lack of certain privacy BUT this is too much tbh.

  3. Honestly..i don’t know how the get away with it..if any media outlet posted 000 calls here in Australia (000 is our equivalent to 911)..the public reaction / backlash alone would bring them down.

    #StopItNow #DoneToTheExtreme #DumbToTheExtreme