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  1. Can’t wait for my favorite part of Monday night…. the Wrestling Inc Post-Show Podcast With Vince Russo! It’s usually at least as interesting as RAW, and many times far more entertaining.

  2. They say wearing back makes you look smaller. I’ve never seen Owens wear a different color than black. So they got to make him look smaller to the casual fans

  3. New area my a**. You can’t just showcase a ppv or a “special event” and call it a new era… For example, when austin beat hbk at 14, that was the start of a new era. When Cena beat hhh at 22, that was the start of a new era. Nothing changed last night other than this Shane-steph partnership which they manifest us not to care since Shane lost at mania. I know I’m not Russo, but it doest make any since of the booking and creative that they are doing.

    • I agree in that Rome wasn’t built in a day but they’ve come out of the gate on this show with no difference to any show in the past 6 months thus far. But i shall remain optimistic that they’ll pull something out of the bag tonight

  4. Anytime I hear about “New” this or “Different” that from WWE all I can think of is Inigo Montoya saying his famous line ” I do not think that word means what you think it means”.

  5. to those who are pissed that WWE have promised you a new era, but nothings changed…fool me once shame on you, fool me for 15 years… if you are stupid enough to buy into the BS they try and sell you, then you deserve it.

    • Dude, they even cut to a friggin’ commercial during the pre-show match with Ryback/Kalisto! On the WWE Network that I already pay a subscription for no less.

    • hate that they cut to commercial so much. Takes you out of the zone. cut to commercial during entrances, do we really need to see every entrance all the time..
      matches run to long, give me 5-8 mins a piece, save your 13-15 for PPV

  6. They missed a massive opportunity when Zayn came out at the UK RAW a few weeks back. Kevin should have got on the mic during Sami’s entrance and stopped him to say “Whoa! Sir… Sir…. you can’t park that there (pointing to the black cab on the stage)”

    • Lol… Hell nawl. I swear he will get over as a cab driver. He drives the cab into the arena just like Eddie and del rio used to do. They can even go further as to create a Sami inzayn cab show on the network that he will give fans a ride in his cab and talk to them about random stuff. What do you think about my idea Russo?

  7. … Not trying to just trash the show at every turn, but you think if you’re gonna start throwing around the term “new era” you would change the whole entire look of the show. After all, ushering in a “new era” would be because the “old era” wasn’t working. Nope. Nothing.

  8. So, the hook they left the audience with before the commercial break was an upcoming tag match between four jobbers. No disrespect, but that’s how they’ve been treated by creative. That’s the sound of the clicker changing the channel.

  9. To be honest, if you’re writing the show, wouldn’t Cass come out in this segment looking for blood IF you don’t set up that he’s with Enzo?

  10. The appeal of Big Cass and Enzo is they can market them as a tag team or Big Cass as a singles star with Enzo being a great manager like the late Captain Lou. He can definitely hold his own skillwise and promowise.

    • Bro, what was the purpose of Stephanie in that segment? Did creative just not wanna book the Ambrose Asylum anymore so they had Stephanie bury it? On top of that, if she didn’t announce Jericho, Ambrose would’ve just walked out of “Stephanie’s ring” like a complete b*tch, excuse my french. What the hell was that, bro? lol.

  11. I wouldn’t piss on this show if it’s head was on fire. The good news is it hasn’t been on fire since Bill Clinton was president. Why are we watching this?

  12. Ryan–I watch it because I do review for right after. If it weren’t for that—no way I would be wasting a second of my time. I’m sorry, negative, or not, this is awful. My opinion.

    • Unvelievable that the hook for fans to come back on the otherside of this commercial, at 10:18pm at night, is: “Find out who will win and face Kalisto for the United States Title”.


    • I am NOT a television writer and could have written a show 1000X better than this. I have a headache aqnd feel insulted. Vince. If ratings keep dropping… will they do SOMETHING Or does it take USA Network to ask to bring you back or what?

    • … Would LOVE that. Don’t think Kurt has any desire to come back to the company, but people can say anything they want before that fat check gets offered to them.

  13. Well, at least they’re going to try and do something with Rusev. A bit unfortunate that they did all that work with him, and now have to start from complete scratch. Oh, well. Good for Rusev, I guess.

  14. For anybody that cares, the Washington Capitals have about 50 shots on goal vs. Pittsburgh, and are gonna lose the game 3-1. Sports analytic people’s heads are gonna explode.

    Which leads me to: Bro, how annoying are those sports-twitter-stat-geeks that think they know what they’re talking about?

  15. I can’t believe what’s happened with Sandow. He was one of the most over guys on the show last year and now he’s a jobber. He’s so much more entertaining and charismatic than the majority of the guys out there.