In this episode of RAW: Now & Then, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane compare and contrast a RAW episode from the Attitude Era (7-27-98) to last night’s show. This is a writing lesson to all as Vince clearly points out how an authority figure should be used. The former Head Writer of the show also goes into a compete TIRADE explaining what the term “WORKER” actually is “meant” to mean.

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  1. Been looking forward to this show for a week! Just ordered my KC timeline wwe 98 With the great Vince Russo today!( I typed w w f and it auto corrected to the e WTH!) so excited to get this dvd!

  2. “Great Worker’s” not selling
    It is video game culture, in video games characters take “hits” and keep fighting until their “Health Bar” runs out. There is no “selling”.

    Another example: Just like video game enemies that when shot simply *poof* disappear so now do interfering wrestlers when thrown out of the ring simply play dead until the segment ends.
    Or worse, they take a knee and wait for their next cue to interfere.
    In reality they would have been up and walking around or continuing to brawl with opponents outside the ring.

  3. People really should be careful with words. Many don’t realize they actually mean something. I get irritated regularly by people using words or phrases out of context because they can barely read, never mind understand anything.