In this very special edition of Bucket Full of Chicken Necks, Vince Russo publicly addresses his old friend, current WWE Writer/Producer “Road Dogg” Brian James, who referred to him as a WWE “hater” on Twitter. Vince also addresses Brian’s comments about the wrestling business “evolving” and no longer being “Vintage TV”. From there, Vince talks about Ryback’s latest comments concerning his contract status with the WWE, analyzes why some refer to him as “bitter” and gives his Top 10 List of why he is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT in 2016!

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  1. On a related note, you made a good point about how the 4 major sports haven’t changed and how the ratings have remained strong. I used to be a huge NASCAR fan, but it is a sport that changed a ton over the years and I went from never missing a race to the point where I don’t even follow it anymore. The ratings have progressively gone down in the years since all the changes started in the mid-2000’s. I can draw a lot of similarities between the WWE and NASCAR. One being that the people who are still loyal and who work there will defend their product by saying people like me are “stuck in the past” and that the sport is “evolving.” Instead of admitting their mistakes and trying to win back old fans, they have doubled-down and continued to make themselves more of a niche market.

    I’m like you, though, I don’t hate the WWE or the talents. I want them to succeed, but I also want the product to go back to something I enjoy. I honestly can’t stomach the show right now, and I know it’s easy to say “turn the channel” but it is frustrating because I know how good the WWE could be and I really want it to go back to something that’s fun to watch. That’s the worst part. Knowing the potential that’s there and not understand why the WWE won’t make the necessary changes.

  2. With the upmost respect to RD but I don’t think he knows what “evolve” means.

    Evolution means to improve, progress, advance….

    WWE has done none of the above, if WWE was a person it’s would have gills and be back in the ocean….