First, the sad news: CBS has cancelled Supergirl, the DC TV show created by Greg Berlanti. Now, the great news: The CW has picked up Supergirl for a second season.

Why is this great news? Because now DC can atone for their misunderstanding of the DC Cinematic Universe! Let me once again say that I enjoyed Batman V Superman. But, when compared to their TV shows if I may paraphrase Arrow, “It has failed this company!” Let’s start with what I would do if I were the CW.

Flash/Arrow would start their fall seasons with red skies above. Yes, Crisis was implied in Flash season 1, but remember that Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne sped up the timeline by creating Flash early to get home. Supergirl season 2 would start with  the ship containing…Tom Welling Superman! Legends would start with time being crazy and Rip and Co. zipping around time trying to put out the fires.

dccw2As their seasons build to the mid-season finales their would be mini-crossovers from other shows, preferably even from Smallville. Maybe we could see some of the classic Golden Age heroes that were teased for Legends. Each show would end on the same cliffhanger: massive, catastrophic destruction and the screen fading to white. It wouldn’t be the main Earths we know (Flash/Arrow/Legends, Supergirl or Smallville). It would be Earths that were similar enough to be familiar, yet slightly different.

The second half of the season would be a four part crossover running in a row. I’d guess the shows would retain their current slots which would give CW DC shows Monday-Thursday. The Legends team would gather the Arrow and Flash crews and use Barry to cross to  Supergirl Earth, Earth 3 based on my count. Earth 2 seems to be JLA Earth 2 and not the Kal-L Earth 2.

Flash, Arrow, Vibe, Manhunter, Atom, Vixen, White Canary, Firestorm, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Supergirl would fight the Anti-Monitor to a standstill. Before he could wipe them out Rip Would yank them out to vanishing point. He would tell them they needed help. That’s when they would travel to Earth 0, or Smallville Earth. Green Arrow, Flash, Aquaman, Manhunter, Hawkman, Cyborg, Supergirl and the other heroes from the JSA and JLA would join the fight. You could kill Hawkman, Supergirl (Smallville to get the classic shot in!), Manhunter (Smallville) and any other extra cast you have.


You might need more than 4 parts, but who knows. Think of the amazing storytelling! They could never do that in the movies because you don’t care as much for those people. When the dust settled you would have one new Earth with a combined, streamlined continuity. The JSA existed long ago. Smallville Clark existed in secret until emerging as Superman when the Flash became active. Two years later Kara becomes Supergirl. For the most part things we have watched since these new shows began are OK. Although it would give them a chance to undo any mistakes or deaths they want, especially Reverse Flash or Ronnie.


Smallville Clark, Aquaman and whomever else survives could occasionally guest star. Or, even better, Legends could change to become a JLA show. Maybe even an anthology with JSA, JLA and alternate teams to allow the pillars to star some (Flash, Supergirl, Manhunter and Arrow). Just think of the possibilities!

I’m positive there are licensing issues that would prevent this from becoming a reality, but the best part about being a fan is that you can dream. Even if Smallville stayed on its own Earth that’d still be a cool possibility. Any cross over between the shows is a plus in my book, but having a giant shared universe would be a coup. As I said, the film division can never compete.


  1. Sadly the archaic use of Nielsen ratings to determine a show’s quality and/or success doomed its existence on CBS. It skewed young for the network and was the most successful freshman drama on CBS. The high cost did it in just as much as the ratings. The best part is that it is home on the CW with Flash, Arrow and Legends. It’s a great move for CW and a bad one for CBS. A strong, successful female superhero lead should have been a home run. All that matters to me is that it will be back in the fall!