Are you receiving a lot of mean-spirited laughs at school lately? Do all of your tweets have zero favorites and zero retweets? Have you matched with your cousin on Tinder? No worries, because we have something that will turn you into one of the cool kids.  Brand

Feast your eyes on the official Vince Russo’s The Brand t-shirt! Watch the opposite sex fawn over you (or same sex, it is 2016) while your muscles glisten in style. Opposing eyes will be glued to your chest 24/7 as strangers and friends are mesmorized by the stylish Brand logo. Full Sail Freaks will run home with their fingers full of distain and hate-tweet the s*** out of you.

Only $19.99? What are you waiting for, bro?

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(Disclaimer: Your muscles probably won’t glisten. You may not actually turn into a cool kid. People may not be mesmorized. But you’ll probably get Full Sail hate-tweets.)