In this episode of Bucket Full of Chicken Necks, Vince Russo goes off on too many unnecessary injuries in wrestling, getting scammed by the hot tub guy, being put on CROCK POT DUTY by his wife, the most FOO-FEE ROCKER in the history of Rock and Roll and the INTENSE HEAT brewing between Jeff Lane, “Russell Brand” and “The Beauty”!

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  1. That Russell Brand lookalike whoever he is needs to chop that F’n hair off, I started watching The Beauty and the Beast show and thought he was gonna be a heavy metal guy or something then gets asked what music he likes and says, I like hip hop, rap top 40 crap and says he doesn’t listen to metal and says he’s heard a couple of Metallica songs. What a F’n Poser and a disgrace!!

    • 100% agreed, this guy is a total douchebag. He comes on the show with no credentials at all, like Vince said, and start talking down on Jeff’s hard work, I know Jeff is a humble guy and he didn’t want Vince to bring it up but we know how Vince is and that he was going to defend Jeff anyways. Jeff you are doing an awesome job on the Brand and you are one of the reasons I am a Brand member.