In this EXCLUSIVE VIP CONTENT, Vince Russo examines the BRAND drama going on behind the scenes between Jeff Lane, Sarah Russi and “Russell Brand”. Vince makes a demand from Sarah before her show returns to his channel. Scott Casey Gale joins in and talks about showering with Miss Tessmacher and Awesome Kong. Vince calls his son for his birthday only to find that his own flesh and blood refuses to put him over. Vince is hot he’s missing the Giants game for this!

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  1. I was scared to death that Scott was gonna say he was jerking it in the shower >.< lol. Vince dug real deep on that haha

    Re the other thing, I think the dislikes kinda place where most people stand on "scruffle bland" and his media 101 class hate.

    Keep up the good work Jeff, personally I'd edit the video and make an absolute fool out the guy, but I can't let things go… *twitch*