Vince Russo and Jeff Lane go head-to-head in a WWE Brand Split Draft and you will decide who has the better television roster! Vince, with the help of Scott Casey Gale, drafted for Raw, while Jeff had Zac Eisenstein helping him decide the Smackdown roster. The poll is live and open for the next 7 days only (ends at 11pm eastern, Thursday, June 2nd), so vote here immediately after watching the video! (Poll is below the video)


  1. This was awesome. Always grateful for these bonus shows.
    I like Dana Brooke. She’s got a big mouth, a natural talker. With the right coach, she’s money.
    She’ll be the rookie that went undrafted and lights it up.

  2. This is a hard choice. I think yall really should write the first shows just to get an idea of what these picks would really mean.

    On paper Vinces Raw has a lot of current star power and IWC faves but Jeffs smackdown has more potential for the future so its difficult for me to pick

  3. Shocked no one picked Chad Gable & Jason Jordan. Vince’s Raw has star power but lacking in tag and women division. Jeff’s Smackdown has alot potential but lacking star power get over male talent. Vince’s Raw has a feel of a wrestling show that has been going for awhile, people is going know/love some of the familiar faces and with some fresh faces to keep it going/interesting. While Jeff’s Smackdown just seems like a complete new uprising, it would take longer for people to know the characters and have reason to care about them.

    • +1. I think Gable&Jordan can be huge stars as a tag team and individuals down the road. I’ll forgive em given they don’t watch NXT.

      I see nothing in Paige. She’s the female Sheamus to me. I don’t think the international performers not getting over at all in the United States is a Vince McMahon/creative thing. They just don’t connect with the US audience at all. Call them good hands, whatever…….there’s no money in them in the United States.

      • I think that if Paige didn’t have to filter herself she would be in pretty good with the fans. It might be the pg deal or just not wanting to alienate the young fans she has but she can talk it’s just feels like she has to be too contrived to be believable on tv.

      • Thing about Paige, she was built up as this “anti-diva” it made her unique in her nxt run. Sadly when she was called up to main roster, she lost what made her special and became just another bland vanilla personality.

    • same i was shocked jordan and gable never got picked as well but i picked my 30 and went back to see who picked the most of my top 30 and Vince Russo won it was Vince 14 and Jeff Lane 12 it was a really close outcome so i’d love to see them write for raw and smackdown

  4. Vince as much of a fan of yours I am & if you were booking I have no doubt you would make raw better but I have to go with Zack & Jeff.

    Arguable the biggest star in the WWE right now and for the past 10 years in Cena, they took the women’s division & tag with them, deffinatly chose my fave diva (being British) and nikki also.

    Plus I’d never have to see grounds keeper Willie & Chief Wiggum putting each other over on raw.

    Although you chose some great stars I think you listened to the wrong cherub.

    For my entertainment I have to go with smackdown

  5. I’m sorry Jeff, but I had to pick Vince and it wasn’t even close. I think you lost in that stretch starting with Paige and going for about the next 6-8 picks where you didn’t take enough male wrestling talent and you let Vince scoop up a lot of key guys. I liked the Nakamura pick, but you took him way too early. It reminded me of the guy in fantasy football who takes the best defense in the 2nd round when they could have waited and got him later.

    Also, I didn’t understand how The New Day and some of the tag teams remained clumped together as one, but The Wyatt Family and managers/wrestler tandems like Miz/Mayrse and Heyman/Lesnar didn’t get kept together.

    Also, this was a blast to watch. I would love to see more content like this!

  6. The numbers gimmick was bad minute-by-minute ratings without a doubt. Anyway, stop stealing Scott’s valor for carrying you, Vince. The major problem is that Jeff probably lost confidence when the number gimmick edge was gone and that exposed a weakness to going aggressive in the interaction.

    The big question is whether you got to stick with PG or not. Heyman losing all his savings to gambling and becoming the disgruntled assistent of the GM who vents off steam on the talent certainly would be good. I’d force him to come from an all-nighter each show so that he is legimately extremely pissed. Del Rio would turn out to have the fortune from his previous gimmick made with drugs. Owens and Zayn get a feud based around the landscaper leaving the cab without paying and leaving dirt from the landscaping clothes in there. I’d set up the feud Vince McMahon and Reigns vs IWC smarks. I would get Kevin Nash back on screen for the previous one. Nash managing Reigns would be salt in the wounds of IWC smarks.

    Anyway I would think that two out of Eva, Lana, Maryse could nicely set the diva standard and you use that to increase sensitivity of more distinct people like Bayley or Charlotte seeming more distinct without being more distinct.

    If I could hire external people I definetely would pick up Shae Summers and give her the gimmick of Bayley’s bad influence friend. The youtuber Jerry Ward (Lucian Bagwell as wrestler) might be a good on-screen character who trains people (f.e. Owens after cab angle). Hell, I’d bring Disco Inferno back on cam to be the marketing guy who needs to film commercials with the on-screen talent and something allways goes wrong. I’d bring masked Cody Rhodes, the original Sandow and Barrett for the hardcore division back as well… And Hogan simply gets abused as a signal for a change of direction. Is Johnny Ace still there? Could be a non-regular non-wrestling character again… As he used to be.

  7. Vince dominated. Hands down. Here’s a couple thoughts:

    They key to any fantasy draft is getting value on your picks. When Jeff was reaching on Paige, Nikki, and Sahsa in the top-7, Vince just sat back and plucked Orton, Rusev, Ambrose, Styles, and The Undertaker. It was over right there. Then Vince addressed his women’s division late between picks 19-23 (Asuka, Stephanie, Lana, Maryse, Lynch). That’s how you win a draft.

    While Vince was burying Jeff for taking older talent (despite drafting older talent himself), you have to look at the people Vince took. Regardless of who is writing, The Undertaker and Chris Jericho are still going to pop any audience. Add in the fact that Vince is writing the show? Forget about it.

    I thought Vince’s selections of Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio at 15 and 16 were the icing on the cake. Especially since Jeff and Zac both put those two over prior to that and then watched Vince steal them.

    My favorite picks that Jeff made were New Day at 13, Ryback at 18, and Natalya at 23.

    The one person I was surprised did not get drafted late was Ric Flair.

    • A couple of things were obvious though, f.e. because every normal guy rather sees Lana and Maryse than Becky doing some tumbling. I really didn’t get the early picks of Nikki and Paige. I am kind of surprised that Vince buried the Heyman pick, because I could use that guy positively and gave an example up there. On top of that you don’t know what kind of people you might get in the future. Maybe some guy with the shape of Mason Ryan, a few more inches height and good psychology gets hired, but needs someone for the talking or you simply use Heyman as commentator. I wouldn’t have picked Owens before Del Rio and Ziggler. In fact Del Rio would have been one of my first 10, because I remember his first run well.

      If Jeff doesn’t get the heel Cena with his chain into a good feud with a tweener Rollings you will get major trouble rather fast with Jeff’s roster. Could be a good program that lasts long due to it taking a while until there is a clean finish. Balor obviously is the guy on whose match you get a drink, basicly Rey’s spot. I doubt that the early Nakamura was justified. He certainly is not good at talking English and does not have the physical presence. I only see midcard potencial for this guy. Jeff would have to heavily sexualize Eva Marie as well. However, it’s not like I wouldn’t use such stuff for ratings.

      The good thing in the current state is that with the PG area changing sensitive you can go mildly edgy and than increase it from time to time and it will allways feel edgier than it is so that you got a couple of years until get edgier than the attitude era.

      Obviously a lot of guys need recovery from the current creative…

  8. I do think Vince is working everyone! This poll should be a lot closer but Vince made sure he was going to get the IWC vote.

    Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, anderson and gallows. He was just 1 shinsuke nakamura away from having the IWCs (wet) dream roster!

    • Jeff still has Rollins, Nakamura, Sasha, Cesaro, Balor and Heyman… On top of that each have one of the two people the IWC hatest most for having wrestling suitable looks. Reigns for Vince and Eva for Jeff.

  9. Great video, fun and entertaining.
    Voted for Jeff/ Zac and SmackDown because the only thing I’m looking forward to is a two hour live television show. I don’t care what the rosters are.
    Which is fortunate for Jeff and Zac.
    On the positive side they DIDN’T draft Stephanie McMahon.
    On the negative side the draft results are now public record.

  10. I thought people were exaggerating when they said Vince crushed it but man was that ugly. The referee should have stepped in and stopped it after round 9. Jeff seems to think the only thing that you need to be a star is to look like one. You also need talent! Can’t believe how long it took for guys like Samoa Joe and Luke Harper to get picked. Joe vs Lesnar would knock the piss out of each other and it would draw! It doesn’t matter how well Kane is booked. We’ve had almost 20 years of him and we’re all full up of Kane I’m afraid. The only misstep from Vince I believe was Corbin. I just don’t see anything in the guy. Can’t work, looks like a rabbit in headlights on the mic and his body isn’t even very good. He’s just some tall guy with thinning long hair. I also think not being familiar with NXT didn’t help some picks. Jordan and Gable are gonna be huge and would have been great investment for the future.

    Great Video thanks lads!

  11. The thing with Kane is that it started to go downward as soon as they humanized him. All you need to do is watch the halloween movies to understand in which direction they should have done with him. The damage has been done for too many years there.

    The good thing with Corbin is that he bypassed the indies. All in all going straight into developmental without being in the indies produced better talent since there are dedicated developmental programs. Compare Zayn and Enzo to see what I mean. Enzo certainly draws more money in comparison.

  12. I give Jeff the win for having fewer talents that do not wrestle and also he doesn’t have Brock and Taker. Love them but part timers are not going to give you a consistent product on tv. No way. Sorry vince

  13. Brock v Styles @ WM– Raw wins.
    However, I’d bring back the cruiserweight title on Smackdown and put guys like Aries, Woods, and Kalisto in the main event spotlight. Russo mentioned variety– cruiserweight matches are key to that variety (changing the pace).