In today’s episode of Anything But Freakin’ Rasslin’, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane discuss Stephanie McMahon being deposed for concussion trial, WWE’S Marine 5, Captain America turning heel, their RAW/SMACKDOWN Draft (of which Jeff concedes) (no I don’t – Jeff) and Vince goes off on wrestling hopefuls being conned at camps by “so-called professionals” who only reached a level of mediocrity themselves.

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  1. Not surprised WWE are being as defensive as possible with the concussion thing, they will be in deep crap if it ever turns out Chris benoits brain injuries were down to wrestling,& any actions he may have committed were down to that.

    Great show guys 🙂

  2. Sandow had the charisma to be a top guy, in my opinion. They could have evolved his character into the next Triple H. I think he, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Ryback (who I’m sure will be released soon) could have all been major players if they had been written and booked correctly.

    I predict that Sandow will go to Japan or another company and really become a huge star. Meanwhile the WWE will continue to not create stars and in about 4 years or so will be offering an almost 40-year-old Sandow big money to come back with whatever character he gets over huge elsewhere and then promote him as “the future” or a some rookie like they’ve booked AJ Styles.