In this special episode of The Swerve, Vince Russo conducts an exclusive interview with Aaron Stevens, better known as former WWE Superstar Damien Sandow. A huge fan of Stevens’, Vince asks him all the questions surrounding his WWE run and the circumstances surrounding his release less than one month ago. Some of the topics covered in the first part of the interview–did being a “nice guy” in the wrestling business actually hurt him in the long run, did pitching ideas to the writers help, or hurt his career, were his his HUGE crowd reactions being ignored by WWE brass and dealing directly with Vince McMahon over the direction of his character. This interview marks the first time that Aaron and Vince actually ever conducted an interview together, and hopefully . . . it won’t be the last. MUST SEE!!!

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  1. Still watching the intro but first thing I noticed was Vince’s hair and first thing it reminded me of was the summer crew cut we got as kids!

    Hey Jeff Lane, is it possible to make a time lapse video of Vince’s hair and beard throughout the year?
    Maybe to go back into the archives and take a screenshot of Vince every few months?