In this episode of RAW NOW & THEN (5-30-16/8-24-98), Vince Russo and Jeff Lane compare and contrast this past Monday’s RAW to the go-home show to SummerSlam ’98. While Jeff makes the bold statement that this episode from the Attitude Era mat have been the best one yet, Vince clearly points out why this past week’s effort was even worse then Robert DeNiro’s Dirty Grandpa. Vince also breaks down the performances of the McMahons NOW & THEN!

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  1. I concur with Jeff. The Green Bay crowd was defiantly a casual crowd. They didn’t pop for the usual overplayed things (like New Day) and they didn’t do the usual Smark things. For instance, did you hear ANYONE chanting “John Cena Sucks” along with his theme?

    As a matter of fact, you could hear crickets chirp when Cena came out. He looked visibly upset by having no crowd reaction at all. It’s what Vince and Co. have been saying all along, if you want WWE to change who gets put on TV, just give them no reaction, it is far more devastating and speaks louder than smarking out.