Vince Russo and Jeff Lane discuss this week’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling free on video! Vince and Jeff compare Impact to RAW and give their full honest opinions on the full episode.


  1. With wrestling being in the state it’s in across the board, it seems all us fans can do is play the hypothetical game and hope and dream for a better product; so, here’s my “if I were TNA, this is what I would do.”

    I’m Mr. Mystery Investor, and I’ve convinced Dixie that giving me the power over the company is better than going out of business. So, as I look at this company, I see that we’re going up against Smackdown on Tuesdays and I know that Smackdown sucks. I realize that the opportunity is there to win those viewers over if my product is good (as Jeff Lane suggested), but TNA/Impact has built a bad reputation. One that it’s not going to shake; so, the very first thing I need to do is completely rebrand the product as something totally new with a new name and look. It’s going to be a totally different and brand new show. I also know that in order to make money I have to invest money; so, I am going to take a gamble and spend a lot of money and hope than within 1-2 years my investment is going to pay off.

    I need to find the best people to run this new show. I want this show to be cutting-edge wrestling TV, while at the same time be true to what has made the product successful; so, the first step is to bring in the right people to work with the talent, produce/write the show, and people who can be on-air talent. The first two guys I want are Jeff Jarrett and Jim Ross, who can both help me in running things and be on-screen talent. For creative, I want a fresh mind; so, I am going to get Chris DeJoseph from Lucha and I am going to tell him to assemble a team of a couple of other people (obviously Vince Russo is my first choice but I didn’t want to sound too much like a homer and mark).

    Right off the bat, we need star power. It’s going to cost money, but to make money you have to spend money and be confident enough that you’ll see a return on your investment; so, the first person I’m bringing back is Kurt Angle. At his age, he wouldn’t be wrestling every week, but he would be on TV every week. I would let him do color-commentary some, and I would also have him be the “coach of the locker room” behind the scenes. I’m also bringing back Scott Steiner who can talk and would be great as an enforcer/head-of-security kind of figure like Sgt. Slaughter was. Next I’m bringing in Christian Cage as another potential performer, but if health won’t allow him he is going to be an on-screen character regardless, whether it be manager, authority figure, or on color. Finally, I’m bringing in Rey Mysterio to be a part-time performer but constant on-screen character. So, from the start I already have Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Christian Cage, and Rey Mysterio on my show. All of them have star power. All of them bring credibility to my show. All of them are going to be good for the young guys in the back.

    I also want to immediately improve my presentation on television; so, I’m scrapping my current announce team and starting fresh. My first choice would be to get Jim Ross. If that’s not possible I am going for Matt Striker, who I think has done a good job in Lucha Underground. On color I am going to have one of the veteran stars listed above or another veteran that can talk who is willing to put talents over and is a good character. Finally, I am doing whatever I can to get Melissa Santos as my ring announcer. If that means I have to offer her a lot of money and hire Cage then I am doing it. She also is going to be more than the ring announcer, but also used as a character involved with story-lines.

    Finally, talent I am going to do whatever I can to bring in and invest in to be the new stars of my show: Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Ryback. I know other companies are going to throw money at these guys, but the key with me is I am going to let them have a lot of creative control over their characters and let them go out there and have the freedom to do what they want (within reason). If they succeed, I am hoping this will help my company become attractive to talent who want to leave WWE because of creative issues.

    Within a year, I’m beating Smackdown every week and I’m making enough to money to pull in more talent, put on a better production, and have a better TV deal and a better network.