Tonight after RAW, watch Vince Russo and Jeff Lane review the show live on video! The link to view is in the VIP section, so visit that when RAW goes off the air.

If you are unable to watch live tonight, the show will be reposted tomorrow for VIPs. Jeff will attempt to take questions from the chat during the show (if he can multitask), so be sure to join live if you can! (The show will be taken down shortly after it ends, and reposted in the contentshelf on Tuesday)

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  1. Hey guys! Congrats on the first Post-RAW Podcast. I have to say though, after watching both this and Wrestling Inc’s first Vince-less post Raw podcast they now both suffer from the exact same problem. No one disagrees with anyone! It makes for a very boring show. Conflict made these shows. Vince and SRS had a great rapport because they didn’t see things from the same perspective and that forced Vince to explain his position, enlightening all the viewers at the same time. Nothing against Jeff, but because he’s been around Vince so long he sees things on the same level, so there is no conflict, just a bunch of agreeing.

    Wrestling Inc now has the same problem. All 3 guys were just agreeing with each other and nothing interesting was ever discussed! This show needs a dissenting voice if it is to be stellar. Too bad Road Dogg can’t be a part of it, that would be perfect. Glenn would be perfect for this show! If for no other reason he will disagree with Vince just to cause drama.

    Granted, a lot of this had to do with the fact that NOTHING happened on Raw, and a nothing show leaves nothing to talk about. Hopefully next weeks RAW will give you guys better material to work with. See you then!

  2. Vince, Wrestling inc is getting a lot of heat from Monday’s show, right now it’s got like 144 likes and 150 dislikes. You need to save them lol or you can just take it as a tribute to Mr. Russo