I’m getting tired of social media, especially Facebook. It seems my entire feed is always filled with political posts trying to bury whatever candidate the person is against. Trump is this, Bernie is that, Hillary blah blah blah blah SHUT UP, ALREADY!

Can we not just vote for whoever we want in November without talking about it constantly for a year prior? Do you think someone who wants Bernie Sanders is going to change their mind because Joe Blow on Facebook says he is a socialist? Is a Donald Trump supporter going to reconsider their vote because Negative Nancy on Twitter says he doesn’t understand foreign policy?

I don’t understand why people get up everyday and head to Facebook to get all worked up about politics. I rarely check my feed, because I am tired of people trying to push their views on others. A lot of these quotes/facts that people post about the candidates aren’t even true. Someone sees a picture with a quote from someone, and automatically shares it without even researching its validity. Maybe instead of trying to change someone else’s political views, you should work on your own ignorance.

Nothing positive comes out of posting these things on social media. I promise you, your post will not change anyone’s mind or get one more vote for your candidate. All it will do is fuel the fire for the people whose views you are insulting to fire back at you. Nobody ever wins a political argument, they always are stalemates. No person is going to concede that they are wrong and you are right. You aren’t changing anyone’s vote, you’re just making half of your social media friends dislike you because you are annoying.

People have the right to vote for who they want in America. They are going to do this regardless of your constant social media spams for your candidate/against theirs. Go out and vote for whoever you want in November. But until then, shut your mouth.

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  1. Great point, Jeff! I agree 100%.

    One of the things society has really lost, and social media has accelerated this, is common decency and civility towards your fellow man. We live in an extremely selfish and narcissistic world. Social media has given people the chance to have a separate persona from real life where they can be as hateful and disrespectful as they want because they don’t see the consequences of it.

    • I couldn’t agree with that statement anymore. It was nice to take a 6 month no social media break in November. I just cannot believe what a narcissistic, selfish, ignorant, childish, self gratifying, selfie-taking world we live in. Honestly it gets worse and worse.

  2. Totally agree. I use FB everyday but almost never see all that crap on my timeline. I just use the FB groups for all my hobby, local and veteran association interaction. Actually the hobby and local groups have been really good lately for selling unneeded items and the veterans groups have been awesome to help guys reconnect.
    So I suggest ignore the noise and just use FB, Twitter and other social media as a tool to help grow your business.
    Ignore the negativity and embrace the positive aspects.