Update: We politely tweeted the video to Mr. Cornette. He received it.



In a clip from his PodcastOne Show that will air on Monday, July 4th, Vince Russo publicly offers to appear on Jim Cornette’s Podcast.

After 17 years of being the main topic of Cornette’s “schtick” Russo states that it’s time for Cornette to say what he has to say directly to his face, rather then behind his back in money-making rants on his podcast.

To assure that he is not at all interested in benefiting from this podcast financially, Vince clearly states that he would be more than happy to go on Jim’s show, so that Jim indeed would get any monetary benefit that may be involved.

Keep in mind, Vince has been attempting a discussion with Cornette for years, even suggesting to Jim Ross that it be done on Ross’ PodcastOne show. JR contacted Cornette at that time—but Cornette declined.



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