It was an absolute shoot today when I said that I had to literally throw my wife out of the house, in order to be UNCENSORED during Chicken Necks today. Due to my story concerning my interview with Reby Sky yesterday, I knew it would open the door for me to talk about my love/infatuation with BOOBIES!!! No, no, no, it’s not any kind of weird obsession—I love and enjoy a good boobie like any other red-blooded American male out there. I’m telling you—if my wife was ever smartened up concerning the things I say on my show—I think my podcasting days would be officially over.

Been working on three formats for New Revolution Wrestling, being that we’ll be filming three YouTube shows on Saturday. On the independent scene like this, it gets tricky at times because you are actually working around the REAL jobs of the athletes that are being booked. But–honestly—that’s where the creativity comes in. That’s where you just have to adjust, go to Plan B, but assure that Plan B becomes even BETTER than Plan A.

I tried Turkish Coffee today—why—I have NO FREAKIN’ IDEA. It literally was like drinking sand. But, guess what—I DRANK THE SAND because I paid for it and didn’t want to waste the money.

Looks like I’m going to be doing a few shows over in the UK the last week in October with my good friends Nick Aldis and Mickie James. Man, I hate the flight over, but once I get there—I really love the place and the people. Here was the carrot that Magnus dangled in my face—one of the shows is in LIVERPOOL—FREAKIN’ LIVERPOOL! The tippy-top of my Bucket List—I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.

I always HATE the All-Star Break every year. I just hate life without Hard Ball.

Check out the new clip I just put up on our YouTube Channel promoting the next installment of The Business of the Business–about as REAL as it gets!

See you tomorrow

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  1. Glad to hear you are coming over to the UK soon mate. And the offer still stands, if you’re due to be coming down South then I’ll buy you a coffee!

    Looking forward to the next The Business of The Business.

    Have a great day guys 🙂